Seamless Swap™
Only Available on Ambiki Teletherapy

Minimize frustrations. Enjoy effortless transitions. Eliminate unnecessary links and invites.

Seamless Swap reduces inefficiencies when treating patients at the same location.

Seamless Swap provides therapists an effortless and HIPAA compliant way to switch from one patient to the next whenever patients are in the same location without ever disconnecting from the teletherapy room.

Seamless Swap switch button, Ambiki.

About Seamless Swap™

Allows easy management of back to back teletherapy sessions

Minimizes documentation errors

Provides seamless transitions between sessions while remaining connected to the teletherapy room

Eliminates redundancy of multiple teletherapy invites when patients are in the same location

Lessens the burden on caregivers who have multiple children in therapy

Seamless Swap, Kiki forward, Ambiki.
Only Available On Ambiki Teletherapy
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