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    Teletherapy helps students with special education needs stay on track during COVID-19

    Thursday, January 21st 2021

    Due to COVID-19 students are getting special needs therapy sessions virtually.

    Speech therapist Jessica Lenden-Holt says she works with students struggling with a range of language needs from Carter County and Elizabethton City Schools.

    Her company has completed more than 30,000 teletherapy sessions since last spring. Students are getting a mix of traditional therapy and new programs through the online platform.

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    An online success: Teletherapy delivering fast results since pandemic began, experts say

    Tuesday, February 2nd 2021

    Sidekick Therapy Partners, a speech, occupational, and physical therapist firm based out of Knoxville that partners with 19 school districts across the state, also moved its operations online.

    At first, it was a challenge, according to Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist, Jessica Lenden-Holt, who said they had never conducted their sessions over a video conference before.

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    Ambiki Unveils Tenalog™: A Revolutionary Self-Writing Note System for Speech-Language Pathologists

    Thursday, August 17th, 2023

    Today, Ambiki, the leading Speech Therapy EMR SaaS application, announced the launch of its latest feature, Tenalog™. Tenalog™ is designed to revolutionize the way Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) document their therapy sessions, allowing them to devote their full attention to their patients rather than paperwork.

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