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A wide variety of powerful tools you need to streamline your workflow for running a growing practice.

Great for: small to medium practices with 1 to 19 therapists


  • Billing and Payments
  • Patient Portal
  • Custom Form Builder
  • AI-supported session planning and progress tracking tools
  • And much more... *



Multiply the power of your Professional Plan users with tools and support built for practices with 20 to 200+ employees.​

Custom onboarding and productivity package includes:​

  • Data migration
  • Onboarding support
  • Ongoing staff training​
  • Custom user plan option​
  • Insurance billing enrollments and set up​
  • Transition coaching​
  • Partner programs for growth​

All plans include the ability to add-on the following:

  • • Therapy Tools
    $5 per month
    per user
  • • Teletherapy
    $20 per month
    per user
  • • Insurance
    $0.25 per claim
  • • Faxing
    $0.08 per page
  • • Tenalog™
    $1 per session
Ambiki's unique team

partnership benefits

Included in the benefits of our professional plans is a 50% discount on interactive therapy tools by Learnigo.

  • Feature descriptions can be found on our EMR page​.
  • Customized onboarding packages are tailored to each practice. Contact us for a consultation and a quote.
  • Part-time plans are available but have limits on some features.
  • We love students! We provide free access to our Therapy Tools and Teletherapy add-ons for busy students to boost their real world operational skills. Learn more.
  • For Insurance Claims, Faxing, and Tenalog, limits on usage can be set in your dashboard.
Ambiki's unique team

Waste Reduction

Ambiki’s software can assist in a dramatic reduction in paperwork saving hours of time per day. Scheduling and caseload management tools also aid in minimizing unrealized IEP visits.

Ambiki's unique team

Increased Efficiency

Ambiki has assisted clinics in reducing the average time from visit to payment by 17 days, leading to major cash flow improvements.

Ambiki's unique team

All-In-One Solution

Ambiki offers a comprehensive platform, including a top-tier EMR, integrated therapy tools, and a tailored teletherapy platform for SLPs, OTs, and PTs.

Start your free Ambiki trial today the platform tailored specifically to the needs of SLPs, OTs, and PTs.