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A therapist's needs are unique. Our teletherapy demos aim to be a discussion around your caseload, setting, teletherapy aides, parents, procedures, and most importantly - to empower you with technology to help make your job easier.

Ambiki Teletherapy - Group Session
A group session on Ambiki teletherapy.

Who should schedule a demo?

A therapist who wants to learn more about teletherapy

A therapist who is new to teletherapy or technology

A therapist who is a teletherapy pro

A therapist looking for a platform that was made for SLPs, PTs, and OTs

A practice owner or special education director who wants to preview teletherapy for their practice or school system

Students who are interested in a teletherapy career

Schedule a demo and learn how Ambiki teletherapy was created to make your job easier.