Observer mode for Teletherapy

Easily supervise teletherapy sessions without disruption

With Ambiki’s Observer mode, an authorized third party can observe or interact during a teletherapy session. Whether this is a supervising therapist, parent, or legal guardian, an observer can choose to be visible or invisible (neither seen nor heard) so they won’t disrupt the therapist-patient dynamic.

Where permitted by licensing agencies, Ambiki's Observer mode is perfect for supervising Clinical Fellows (CFs), Speech-Language Pathology Assistants (SLPAs), Physical Therapist Assistants (PTAs), and Certified Occupational Therapist Assistants (COTAs).

Ambiki Teletherapy - Observer mode
Ambiki Observer mode with the observer visible to both the therapist and patient
Ambiki Teletherapy - Observer mode invisible
Ambiki Observer mode with the observer invisible to both the therapist and patient

Observer Mode | Ambiki Teletherapy

Putting the power in the therapist's hands

Ambiki's Observer mode allows the primary therapist to deliver sessions without affecting the typical dynamic and rapport they have built with their patients. No other teletherapy platform provides this level of discretion.

Ambiki's Observer mode allows the parents to peer into the session, without distracting their child, to learn and then emulate what the therapist is doing at home.

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