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Niche session planning, on the fly

No one wants to spend their free-time planning for sessions. But we still do it from time to time. The hardest cases are those kids with very specific niche preferences no one else shares.

The kid that loves washing machines.

The kid who is really into Nirvana.

The 6th grader who loves horror movies (and you CANNOT trust that to a Google search on the fly).

When I spend time planning for those sessions, I almost always find that the kid isn’t interested in what I created. Which makes me feel like I have wasted my precious time.

Enter Kiki Creates.

Use Kiki Creates to create on the fly stimulus to help tailor a session based on what is happening right now.

Situations where Kiki Creates really shines:

The kid with niche, narrow interests

The kid who comes in with something (unexpected) on their mind they want to discuss

Tying things back to topics you’re not familiar with (like books or movies they are using in class)

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We’ll help you demonstrate your ideas so you can get back your time. Take what you need with you. Change it. Mold it. Shape it. Make it your idea, and make it work for your session.

Help is at your fingertips with Kiki Creates.

Kiki Creates

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