Feeding disorders

A feeding disorder, in infancy or early childhood, is a child's refusal to eat certain food groups, textures, solids or liquids for a period of at least one month, which causes the child to not gain enough weight, grow naturally or cause any developmental delays.

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Therapists with experience in this disorder

  • Kayla Amberger

    Kayla Amberger

    Full-time Therapist CCC-SLP

    I'm a Speech Language Pathologist, and this is my 4th year working for Sidekick Therapy Partners!...

    • Sidekick Therapy Partners Sidekick Therapy Partners
  • Nicole Dailey

    Nicole Dailey

    Full-time Therapist CCC-SLP

    Speech-Language Pathologist District Coordinator: Greene County Clinical Supervisor I have 15 yea...

  • Alesha Prater-Kiser

    Alesha Prater-Kiser

    Full-time Therapist CCC-SLP

    Dedicated lifespan SLP. Passionate about dysphagia evaluation and treatment, cognitive communicat...

  • Haley Simpson

    Haley Simpson

    Full-time Therapist CCC-SLP

    Speech-Language Pathologist I am currently in my 2nd year at Sidekick! I spend most of my time in...

  • Kelly Dempsey

    Kelly Dempsey

    Full-time Therapist CCC-SLP

    I am a speech-language pathologist and the District Coordinator for Robertson County. I currently...

  • Laura Pearce

    Laura Pearce

    Full-time Therapist CCC-SLP

    Laura is a Speech-Language Pathologist and pediatric feeding therapist specializing in sensory an...

  • Abby Budinger

    Abby Budinger

    Full-time Therapist CF-SLP

    I have a B.S in Communication Disorders and Linguistics from the University of Virginia and a M.S...

  • Lindsey Dial

    Lindsey Dial

    Full-time Therapist CCC-SLP

    I began my journey in speech therapy by attending my brother's early intervention sessions or aud...

  • Samantha Shaffer

    Samantha Shaffer

    Full-time Therapist CF-SLP

    I am a pediatric speech-language pathologist in Knoxville, TN. I love all things pediatric, but l...

  • Maria Roberts

    Maria Roberts

    Full-time Therapist OTR/L

    My name is Maria Roberts, and I have been practicing occupational therapy for 4.5 years. I starte...

  • Taydi Owens

    Taydi Owens

    Full-time Therapist CF-SLP

    I specialize in assessing and treating children from culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) ...

  • Mary-Brooke French

    Mary-Brooke French

    Full-time Therapist OTR/L
  • Molly Kincheloe

    Molly Kincheloe

    Full-time Therapist OTR/L

    I have been a pediatric OT for almost 8 years and love helping kids live life to the fullest on a...

  • Numra Ahsan

    Numra Ahsan

    PTA PT
  • Kelsey Alexander
  • Ginger Andresen

    Ginger Andresen

  • Mirelis Arocho Salgado
  • Olivia Barclay

    Olivia Barclay

    Full-time Therapist CF-SLP

    Hello there! I am a speech-language pathologist currently in the process of completing her clinic...

  • Kaitlin Bohan
  • Jessica Bowers

    Jessica Bowers

  • Kaitlyn Brandow

    Kaitlyn Brandow

    • Speak Your Legacy Inc. Speak Your Legacy Inc.
  • Katie Burns

    Katie Burns

  • Hailey Burton

    Hailey Burton

  • Olivia Caceres
  • Yamilette Camacho

    Yamilette Camacho

    Full-time Therapist CF-SLP
    • Itti Bitti Itti Bitti
  • Lindsey Carrington

    Lindsey Carrington

    • Pediatric Speech Stars, PLLC Pediatric Speech Stars, PLLC
  • Mikayla Castillo
  • JoAnn Cavelli

    JoAnn Cavelli

    • SensationALL Kids SLP-PLLC SensationALL Kids SLP-PLLC
  • Tayla Clark Martin
  • Gabriella Cousino

    Gabriella Cousino

    Full-time Therapist CF-SLP

    Clinical Fellow-Speech Language Pathologist at Sidekick Therapy Partners in Knoxville, Tennessee.

  • Ashley D'Agosto

    Ashley D'Agosto

  • Bayleigh Davis

    Bayleigh Davis

  • Kira Derr

    Kira Derr

    Owner Operations Management Owner Operations Management CCC-SLP
    • Milestones Therapy Center LLC Milestones Therapy Center LLC
  • Linda Ernst

    Linda Ernst


    Linda has expertise in swallowing, voice, upper airway, cleft palate/resonance, motor speech, TBI...

  • Kyler Evans

    Kyler Evans

    • Firefly Firefly
  • Jeniffer Falero Perfecto
  • Jessica Gerace

    Jessica Gerace

    • SensationALL Kids SLP-PLLC SensationALL Kids SLP-PLLC
  • Sara Gregoire
  • Abigail Hellrigel

    Abigail Hellrigel

    • bradi@braxyspeechtherapy.com bradi@braxyspeechtherapy.com
  • Amy Hines

    Amy Hines

    Full-time Therapist CF-SLP

    I have experience working with kids in the school system as well as the outpatient setting, from ...

  • Lauren Hughes

    Lauren Hughes

    • Expressions Pediatric  Therapy Expressions Pediatric Therapy
  • Yodit Jones

    Yodit Jones

  • Dominique Jones

    Dominique Jones


    Dominique Jones is a Board Certified Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist that works with indivi...

    • Noonie & Bubs Noonie & Bubs
  • Anni Karhu

    Anni Karhu

  • Kayleigh Kirkpatrick

    Kayleigh Kirkpatrick

    • Speak Your Legacy Inc. Speak Your Legacy Inc.
  • Carly Lemcke

    Carly Lemcke

    Full-time Therapist CCC-SLP
  • Dorothy Louis-Jeune
  • Kim Luster

    Kim Luster


    I graduated Mt. St. Mary’s of Los Angeles, Ca and have been a COTA for 27 years. I’ve worked in m...

    • Ambitious Idea Labs (Ambiki) Ambitious Idea Labs (Ambiki)
    • ABC Therapy ABC Therapy
    • Kim's Test Practice Kim's Test Practice
    • Sidekick Therapy Partners Sidekick Therapy Partners
  • Katijo Makin

    Katijo Makin

    Full-time Therapist Operations CCC-SLP

    Katijo graduated from Kent State University with a Master's in Speech Language Pathology. She was...

    • Innovative Therapy Center Innovative Therapy Center
  • Susan Mason

    Susan Mason

    Full-time Therapist Clinical Lead Full-time Therapist Clinical Lead Full-time Therapist Clinical Lead CCC-SLP

    speech language pathologist with a passion for tech and experience across the lifespan

    • Ambitious Idea Labs (Ambiki) Ambitious Idea Labs (Ambiki)
    • ABC Therapy ABC Therapy