ur (ɜː)

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Name ur
IPA symbol ɜː
Arpabet symbol ER
Alternative notation 1 /ər/
Alternative notation 2 ur
Sound category R-Controlled Vowel (Vowel)
Vowel height Open-mid
Vowel backness Central
Examples fur, nurse, turn, word, girl, certain, bird

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  • Find It Fast! Articulation /r/ Variation Practice preview

    Find It Fast! Articulation /r/ Variation Practice

    Sara Lowczyk

    This mimics the games Find it Fast! and Spot it! Super motivating for the kiddos. There are 57 cards each with 8 targets on each card, with optional covers with 57 /r/ targets total. Perfect for wo...


  • I Spy With Target R Words preview

    I Spy With Target R Words

    Jessica Lenden-Holt

    One page: "I Spy" image with lists of target "r" words. One page: List of pre-vocalic "r" words One page: List of vocalic "r" words One page: Articulation hierarchy and suggestions One page: Expans...


  • Valentine’s Articulation Vocalic /r/ Sounds preview

    Valentine’s Articulation Vocalic /r/ Sounds

    Breann Voytko

    Practice vocalic /r/ sounds this Valentine’s Day


  • Vocalic /r/ Articulation Cards preview

    Vocalic /r/ Articulation Cards

    Breann Voytko

    Articulation Cards for vocalic /r/ sounds (er, ar, ear, air, ire, or) in all positions: 60 targets total.


  • Vocalic /r/ Word List preview

    Vocalic /r/ Word List

    Breann Voytko

    Vocalic /r/ sounds in the initial, medial, and final positions.